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life with intention

Stepping into life with intention.


2019 Season

Like our lives the Walkabout Club is living breathing changing experience.

The essence of Walkabout Clubs are to give expression to the whole human experience enabling you to completely be all of you for our community.

It offers appreciating where we live and being a living example to others for the world.

It offers an act of faith that being together in goodwill can triumph.

This season the Walkabout Club presents a dynamic schedule of events. Each event will be offered individually and will have a focus and intent giving you the opportunity to choose what is most meaningful to you.



Dog Days of Summer Hike & Yoga

Saturday, September 7

10:30 AM - 12:30 PM



Our Story

Walking with intent.

Walking is possibly one of the most simple, naturally, organic expressions we do as humans. As an activity it is unique in its ability to take such varied forms and opportunities to meet so many “moods” and needs.

Spiritually, it offers gentle, meditative or prayerful strolls. Physically, it allows more flexibility and circulation and vigorous walking improves the function of the heart. 

Emotionally/intellectually, it offers the chance to clear your mind and feel your feelings generously.


This is also about relationship. It is our belief that our intentions, whether  they take the form of positive thought, prayers or meditation do have an impact on our community and the world at large. 

The Walkabout Club is dedicated to creating an opportunity to take time in both recognizing and experiencing how we are blessed and how we may bless.

By the actions of walking and gathering together, we both affirm and inspire our ability to be our better selves. In this, we bring harmony to a time filled with so much chaos. 

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