Schaar's Bluff, SPRING LAKE PARK


The Autumn Equinox occurs Saturday, September 22. What makes this so special is that this is one of only two days a year where we are bathed in equal amounts of daylight and night. We in the Northern Hemisphere move into nights longer than days, and the Southern Hemisphere begins its journey toward more hours of daylight.

The gift of the Autumn Equinox is balance. Balance of dark and light, the earth celebrating its 365 days trek around our Sun, and Nature asking us to come to peaceful balance within our own bodies, minds, and souls.

Come celebrate the Autumn Equinox with THE WALKABOUT CLUB on Saturday, September 22 at 6 pm As we gather to begin a walk of mindfulness and gratitude in the beautiful setting of Schaar's Bluff. We will walk together in good company, exploring the beauty of nature, gathering items along the way such as a wildflower, or a blade of grass, that touches our heart, then coming together for a joyful bonfire where we will offer our found gift (or a gift you may have brought along of your own) to be tossed into the bonfire with best wishes and love offered with it.

Our walkabout guides are Christine Jones and Nicole DePalma. Please wear appropriate clothing for the day's weather and sturdy shoes and socks. Please bring along a piece of string or ribbon to tie up your bonfire gifts, and also water for your walk. If you need more information about our Autumn Equinox Celebration Walk, meeting place, times, etc., please contact Caring Hands at 651-480-8244. We look forward to seeing you there.