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WalkAbout Clubs
life with intention

Dedicated walkers called to inspire.



Guides are people who feel a calling to inspire others with intention. They pick specific walk routes and themes caring for the quality of this experience. 


Why walk?

Walking is possibly one of the most simple, naturally, organic expressions we do as humans. As an activity it is unique in its ability to take such varied forms and opportunities to meet so many “moods” and needs. Spiritually, it offers gentle, meditative or prayerful strolls, physically, it allows more flexibility and circulation and vigorous walking improves the function of the heart. Emotionally/intellectually, it offers the chance to clear your mind and feel your feelings generously.

Are you ready to walk the paths to exploring your dreams…remembering what you really want in life or finding a “new” and “renewed” you. Are you ready to think and feel even more beyond yourself to contribute to the wellbeing of the people and our earth. 

We believe in living a healthier happier, inspired & vibrant life.



Caring hands massage & spa offers “The Walkabout Club”.

An exceptional opportunity to join with others in “literally walking with intention: even more it is about putting your intentions into action. 

This is about you…you set the pace…you choose your intention and your level of involvement. 

This is a special gift about “relationship”. You give first to yourself in building and practicing a better relationship with your body, mind and spirit. As well as joining your intentions with others, you magnify and manifest more peace….love….and simple kindness in your community and our world.



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